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Is Retirement Coaching right for you?
Just thinking about retirement can be confusing. Where do I begin? Should I keep working? What will I do with myself once I do retire? What will this mean for my lifestyle? As you can see, there is a lot more to retirement than just the financial aspect. 

Your retirement success will depend upon many factors: your work orientation, your attitude toward retirement, your satisfaction with your current life, your adaptability, your perception of age,  how you will replace what your work offers to you now (financial stability, time management, sense of purpose, socialization, and status). 

If you want a lustrous retirement you will have to have a Plan. 
Let’s get started!

Why would you need a Retirement Coach?
Some of the challenges you will want to consider, and which will be revealed when you take the online Retirement Success Profile,  include:

  • How will I disengage from my work/career and still maintain my unique sense of self?

  • How can I thrive, not merely survive, in retirement?

  • How can I remain happy going into, and growing through, my retirement lifestyle?

  • How will I direct and influence the structure of my life without my full-time work?

  • How can I remain fully open to new growth and development on all levels in my   retirement years?

  • How can I remain as fully alive in retirement as I did in previous stages?

  • How can I balance the needs and wants of those who depend on me and maintain my 
              own sense of internal harmony?

  • How can I find the means to rest my body, stimulate my mind, and enrich myself in 

Retirement is ​a very personal issue. There are no "cookie cutter" approaches. You want to achieve your retirement dreams and live this phase of your life to the fullest. As your retirement coach I can help you make that happen.

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Are You Ready to Retire?
Now that you are thinking about retirement, do you have a plan for:

  • Maintaining your sense of purpose and self-worth?

  • Making adjustments to ensure a healthy attitude towards life and retirement?

  • Purposefully spending your time with fulfilling activities and interests?

  • Changes in income, health and/or lifestyle that may affect your financial security?

  • Managing family commitments to aging parents, children and grandchildren?

  • Where you will reside?

The Retirement Success Profile readiness assessment will help you to determine where you are in your retirement preparation.

Part of the secret to a successful retirement is having the insight, tools and resources to renew and re-create yourself. I can help.

Let’s work together so you can develop a new design for living and have a rich, rewarding and lustrous retirement life.

Contact me when you are ready to dream big dreams, to take the necessary actions, and to finally live the fulfilling life you are meant to live.

 I provide (non-financial) pre-retirement coaching to professional women and men. Together we take the mystery out of retirement planning and put the excitement back in. 
Through my professional training at Retirement Options, the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and coursework through the Empowerment Institute, and the Gestalt International Study Center, and over 20 years of experience in Human Resources management, I bring a wealth of knowledge and practical, hands-on experience to my Coaching business

It has been my pleasure to be the dream manifest agent for a wide variety of clients - people who are now living in the solution and who now have a new design for living.  Dreams really do come true.

I look forward to working with you soon.

Gentle Spirit Coaching

. . .  inspiring and empowering you 
to manifest your dreams.

Retirement and Life Coach Annie Walsh